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Tabitha is fast becoming a well respected event planner in the Chicagoland area. Her event and 

party planning boutique prides itself on designing  events that are indicative of your personality. What makes her so unique? She listens to her clients, ensuring that she delivers their vision while creating an ambience that provides memorable experiences. She believes even the smallest budgets can

create big moments.

- chicagoplannermagazine

Simply Special Soirees services are varied. They range from planning an entire event, to partial planning, and simply providing you with an event consultation. 
Simply Special Soirees provides a free phone consulation to better determine your event goals, before scheduling a meeting..

Please review the following criterias to better ensure that your event needs fit well with our services.

  • Simply Special Soirees currently plans events for groups of 150 and under.

  • If you are looking for a simple consultation to help you brainstorm your own event planning there is a $250 fee. Please refer to our services page.

  • Simply Special Soirees partners with venues and restaurants throughout the Chicagoland IL and Portland OR areas. In order to provide a breadth of options for your event.

  • Small intimate gatherings and parties hosted in homes, churches and schools are a special focus of our event boutique.
  • On completion of the initial consulation and the signing of a contract, 50% of the event planning fee will be required as a downpayment on our event planning services.

Why Simply Special Soirees?

After spending years working in the financial sector I realized that the corporate world was not for me. Although I enjoyed the challenges that I experienced, and the skills I acquired have been life changing, I knew my desire was to work in an industry that encouraged out of the box thinking and allowed room for artistic creation.

This is what Simply Special Soirees was founded on. The idea that any space, no matter size, location, decor, etc. could be recreated in a way that would allow it to become a direct reflection of my clients vision for beauty and elegance. I encourage my clients to not pay thousands of dollars in venue fees because whether or not they are able to envision it, I can create a venue for them using their own living space. Each of my clients deserves to feel special. For me it is very simple and incredibly fun to create those simply special moments in their own homes. That is how the brand and the name for my boutique was created.

As Simply Special Soirees has expanded, so has my creative outlet and my clientele. I have continued too hold true to my original vision, only now that vision includes special event venues and hotel ballrooms. 

For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about hosting events. When I began thinking about forming my own business, it made sense that I would choose a career avenue where I could apply my financial expertise. The special events industry has proven to be the perfect outlet for those specific skills. I have been doubly blessed because I genuinely love what I do. 

I undersand that​​ not everyone has the ability to step into their own home and see their space for all of its party possibilities. However, everyone does have a space that can be utilized to create the perfect ambiance for a special event.